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  • Here’s How to Supercharge Your Success

    No one is successful alone.

    Your success and happiness in life is a direct reflection of the people you surround yourself with. If you change nothing else in your life other than the people you spend your time with, you can increase your chances of success 10X!

    You know who these people are…. 

    The naysayers, the joy stealers, the critics, the cynics, the dream killers and the energy drainers.

    I’ve made it a yearly tradition to conduct a “life audit.” As I reflect on what’s come to a close, I don’t just analyze the things I did and the way I spent my time — I evaluate the people I spend the most time with as well!

    I’m a firm believer that nothing impacts your success as much as your relationships. Surround yourself with happy, supportive, loving, ambitious people, and you’ll feel happy, supported, loved, and ambitious. Surround yourself with draining, negative, unsupportive, unmotivated people, and you’ll feel drained, negative, unsupported, and unmotivated.

    It’s important to be intentional about the relationships we prioritize in life. I try my best to surround myself with positive influences and give the most of my time to them. It’s made such a huge difference in my personal and professional life.

    Performing a life audit makes space to add new positive relationships.

    Here’s how to perform your own life audit, in less than 3 minutes:

    1. List the five people you spend the most time with.
    2. Look at each of their names — really think about your relationship with them.
    3. Who energizes, inspires you and lifts you up? Put a plus next to them.
    4. Who complains, criticizes you or adds negativity? Put a minus next to them.
    5. Commit to investing more time and energy into the positive relationships and set boundaries to limit or eliminate the negative and toxic people.

    Make space for new relationships in 2024 and proactively seek out new and like-minded people in the new year in order to add more positive relationships.

    The more you surround yourself with people who drain your energy or foster doubt, the less you are called to step into your true potential.  On the other hand, the more you surround yourself with amazing people, the more you’re called to step into your greatness.  And the world needs you to step into your greatness!

    This simple exercise will transform your life.

    I guarantee it.