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  • 5 Secrets On How To Take That Risky Jump To Benefit Your Career

    Code Your Confidence – It’s scary to make a career change, especially when you’ve been working at the same company or in the same position for years. It may feel safer to stay put in a stagnant job than jump into a new job or career path. But, there’s no growth in the comfort zone. Build your confidence by writing down a list of your strengths, skills and accomplishments. Use this as a highlight-reel whenever you feel self-doubt. It will inspire you with confidence to take the leap!

    Define Your Dream Job.  If you don’t know the specifics of what your dream job is, how can you expect to get it? Write down what your dream job looks like. What do you do day to day? Who do you work for? What are your colleagues like? Having a clear definition and vision of your dream career will help you plan the steps you need to take to get there.

    Think Big, Start Small. Something that all the successful people I know have in common? They take action. They don’t let fear of taking the first step stop them. So think about your jump in increments to make it feel more manageable. For example, if you want a new job, what are the next 3 steps you should take? Research job opportunities? Update your resume?  Post your CV to a job board?  There is no wrong first step. You just have to have the courage to start.

    Take Calculated Risks. You may not feel totally “ready” for your next career move. That’s normal. But if you feel you have at least 80% of the skills needed, you should apply for the job you want. You will never be 100% ready, and if you are, you are not setting the bar high enough. Believe in yourself, trust in your ability to learn on the go, and take the risk!

    Tap Into Your Network. Most of the best employees I’ve hired have been referrals from friends, family and co-workers. Reach out to and share your ambitions to make a career change!  If no one knows you’re looking to make a career change, how can they introduce you to new opportunities?


    Originally published in Forbes

    Kim Perell is widely recognized entrepreneur, investor and national best selling author. A great believer in paying it forward, Kim loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve success and is an early stage investor in over 80 start-ups, 15 of which have successfully been acquired by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies. 

    Visit Kim’s website at kimperell.com or follow on LinkedInFacebookInstagram  and Twitter