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  • The Execution Factor Turns 1 Month Old & Becomes a National Bestseller!

    Dear Friends,

    The Execution Factor is officially one month old! The excitement feels surreal. I’ve been working on this for years (if not – my entire life!) and we’ve only just began. I am so very grateful for all your support! Amazing things have happened in the last month and none of this would have been possible without all of you!

    In just one month, The Execution Factor is a national bestseller and ranked #2 on the Los Angeles Business Journal Bestseller List! This is truly a dream come true! What’s the one skill that will drive success in your business and personal life? Execution! I know this as it’s led to mine and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my story and help others succeed.

    Success isn’t about IQ or knowing the right people or having the right degree or about a great idea! Ideas are a dime a dozen! It’s about Execution! And it’s a skill that can be learned.

    I wasn’t in the talented and gifted class like my brother and sister in grade school, and after college, I was broke and laid off from my first job. From there, I went on to start my first company from my kitchen table with a $10,000 loan from my grandma. That company grew to over $100 million in annual revenue. If I can do it, you can do it! I’m here to support you to turn your dreaming into doing through mastering execution. Execution is the difference between success and failure.

    Whether you want to buy a home, get a promotion, run a marathon, become an artist, grow as a leader, or start your own company, this book is for you to create a blueprint to achieve your goals. You are the CEO of your own life. It’s time to execute.

    Many exciting moments happened over the last 30 days and I am so thankful to all of you! Here are a few highlights I wanted to share with you. ⁣

    Along with the book, I have also launched The Execution Factor Fund where all proceeds from the book go to support up and coming execution-led entrepreneurs with start-up investment. With every book purchase you are not only helping yourself achieve success, you are also helping invest in someone else’s future! ⁣To learn more, please visit https://kimperell.com/fund/

    Thank you again for all your support and making this possible. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to get your copy at: https://amzn.to/2QgiI5I and follow my journey across on LinkedInFacebook,Instagram, and Twitter @KimPerell

    ~ Kim

    PS – I am so grateful for all of the endorsements from incredible supporters whom I admire and respect greatly as leaders and visionaries in their respective fields. Below are just a few:

    “Practical and must-read advice. This book is exactly what the next generation of entrepreneurs needs.” — Bill Shaw, President, Entrepreneur Media

    “Kim is a truly inspiring entrepreneur and leader whose life story is both fascinating and very motivating. I couldn’t agree more with the lessons in the Execution Factor – ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is what really matters.” –Betty Liu, Executive Vice Chairman, NYSE

     “The Execution Factor is for the entrepreneur in all of us . . . There isn’t a better blueprint to help guide you from dreaming about your ideas to making them a reality.” — Chris Burch, CEO of Burch Creative Capital and Co-founder of Tory Burch

    “The Execution Factor is a must-read for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to take your career to the next level. Pay attention and take notes – the book is a blueprint for success.” — James Borow, Global Director of Product Strategy, Snapchat

    “Kim Perell has written a very personal and compelling guidebook on entrepreneurship, how to execute with excellence, and on the importance of resilience. I already have a dozen people in mind with whom I’m going to share this work.” — JONATHAN AUERBACH , Chief Strategy and Growth Officer at PayPal

    “If you’re an entrepreneur, an executive, or someone just starting their career this book is a must have.” –Eric Toda, Director of Marketing at Gap Inc and former Global Head of Social Media and Content at Airbnb.

    “Kim is her own force of nature and this book will help you make your own path to success crystal clear.” –Mel Robbins, author of Kick Ass and The 5 Second Rule

    “The Execution Factor is that rare business book that combines amazing real-like stories with concrete, actionable insights. Kim Perell has written a classic of the genre that every entrepreneur should read.” –Clark Landry, Tech Entrepreneur, Investor & COO at CESPPA

    “As a venture investor and advisor to large corporations I work with entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs on a daily basis. Kim Perell’s book provides practical and must-read advice to every aspiring and experienced entrepreneur.” — EVANGELOS SIMOUDIS , PhD, cofounder and Managing Director of Synapse Partners and author of The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future

    “Kim brings the reader the insider tips of a successful entrepreneur, executive, and angel investor. The book is written with practical, action-oriented follow-ups in every chapter that will help change your life – whether you are trying to start a business, or buy a home, or pursue your side hustle” –Terence Kawaja, CEO, LUMA Partners

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