Dare to do What Scares You in Business and Life

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A personal note from the author, Kim Perell

I want to help YOU take a life-changing leap

Are you hungry for a new career, ready to start a business, or eager to feel less stuck?

Then you know the next step you have to take is actually not just a step, but a … JUMP! A big leap into the unknown. It’s a move that changed my life, and it can change yours too.

I wrote JUMP to help guide you through the life-changing decisions you want to make.

Master the simple, successful formula for facing fear head on, ditching the excuses, and finding the courage to Jump into the next chapter of your life and career.

Every great story starts with a jump.

The question is, are you ready to take the leap?

I know you are. And I’m here to help.

Get ready to JUMP into
the career & life of your dreams!

Whether you’re jumping from a place of greatness or uncertainty, the expert guidance in this book will:

  • Empower entrepreneurs with invaluable insights and business tools necessary to move beyond fear, rejection, and failure.
  • Encourage readers to get out of their comfort zones, overcome self-doubt, and take proactive steps to change their life.
  • Teach individuals looking for a career change how to make a calculated risk that can pay off, and do it with confidence.


“Kim Perell is the ultimate success story! She has “jumped” multiple times and has earned the right to speak with authority. She challenges the reader to believe in themselves and walks them through the journey step by step.”

John Heffner

Chairman/CEO of Summer Fridays and Former CEO of Drybar

“Making a pivot isn’t a choice, it’s necessary for you to grow. Jump is the definitive guide to making a career pivot, and I am honored to have received Kim’s personal advice during my many pivots.”

Eric Toda

Global Head of Social Marketing at Facebook

“Jump is the perfect read for anyone who knows deep down they’re destined for more.”

Terence Noonan

Six Time Emmy Award-Winning Producer

“Kim’s book JUMP is a must read! If you’re ready to have the courage to take your life to the next level then this book is a perfect blue print for you.”

Randy Garn

New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

“There is certainly no roadmap when it comes to being an entrepreneur, but Kim’s new book gives an insightful and inspiring perspective to anyone looking to make a change in their life or career. Kim is fearless and she is a force that lifts others up and gives you the confidence to live out your dreams. Run, don’t walk to read this book!”

Rachel Zoe

Hollywood Stylist, Entrepreneur, Founder of CURATEUR and The Zoe Report

“Jump unleashes your inner courage so you can reach unmatched level of personal and career success.”

Bill Shaw

President, Entrepreneur Media

“I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best entrepreneurs in America. Kim is not only one of them but understands how to make the right decisions and jump at the right opportunities. This book is a great tutorial on how to take charge of your life, personally and professionally.”

Chris Burch

CEO of Burch Creative Capital and cofounder of Tory Burch

“An extremely powerful and necessary read! Kim Perell codifies the step by step process for mastering the inevitable jump we all must take to live with purpose and make an impact.”

Jay Shetty

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Like a Monk


Kim Perell


Kim Perell

Kim Perell is an award-winning digital marketing technology CEO, top US female angel investor, and bestselling author with twenty years of experience taking companies from $0 to annual sales to $1 billion. She sold her last company for $235 million after going broke less than ten years earlier. Kim is currently the founder and CEO of 100.co pursuing her mission to reinvent how consumer brands are created using Artificial Intelligence.

Kim has been named one of AdAge’s Marketing Technology Trailblazers, Business Insider’s Most Powerful Women in Mobile Advertising, and Entrepreneur of the Year by the National Association of Female Executives. Perell has been profiled by The New York Times, Forbes, and more. She lives with her husband and two sets of twins in Miami.

Are you ready to JUMP into the career & life of your dreams?

Dare to do what scares you in business and in life! Pre-order entrepreneur and bestselling author Kim Perell’s new book now!